Buoyancy Foam


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NRP40100 Closed cell fire retardant foam.


Test information and data sheet

if B = Mg and M =pV, then B = pVg. Where V is volume, p is density, M is mass, and g is the acceleration of gravity. So the buoyant force is a function of density and we can conclude that the density of an object determines whether or not it will float. So if a sailboat had an average density greater than saltwater (64 pounds per cubic foot) it would not remain on the surface. However, if the sailboat has an average density of 32 pounds per cubic foot, it will float on the surface of the water and be halfway submerged. This is why ships that are constructed of materials possessing much greater densities than that of water can still float. The air inside the hull ( air is 1000 times less dense than water) brings the average density of the entire ship below the density of water. Even a cement boat can float and they have!


Custiom Lengths available


Sheet Size 1200mm x 2400mm x 100mm


Other sizes apon request

Colours: Black

buoyancy foam


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