Deck Tread

Product: Ethyl-vinyl-acetate eva120

Deck tread removes the dangers of slipping whilst on board a boat or other watercraft.

Economical, easy to install, and suitable for use inside and out, this single groove textured deck tread comes in sheets in three colours (grey, blue and yellow).

Each sheet has marine grade adheisive backing for easy install.

Deck Tread provides extra anti-slip protection and its buffed finished surface provides a safe foot grip in wet and dry conditions.

Deck Tread is Ideal for:

boat decking
pontoon decking, and wherever a sure footing is required

We have different finishes including plain buffed surface, single groove,
cross groove, "octi" pattern and "Dog Bone" pattern.


Plain Buffed sheet or imprinted

1250mm x 1100mm x 3mm


Single Groove Sheet

490mm x 1100mm x 3mm


Cross Groove Sheet

490mm x 490mm x 3mm


"Octi" Pattern
EVA260 3mm thick1000mm x 900mm

"Dog Bone" Pattern

EVA260 3mm thick x 1000mm x 900mm



Grey, Blue, Yellow, Black, White


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