Products available at PJ Bowers

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam have a very wide range of uses. Here are some common ones
available at PJ Bowers.



Automotive Bedding & Seating Building
Gaskets & Seals
Carpet Underlay
Vibration Pads
Sound Insulation
Outdoor Seating
Sealant Backer
Expansion Joints
Impact Sound Insulation
Pipe Insulation
Health Care Industrial Marine
Shoe Runners
Automotive Industry Suppliers
Hospital & Institutional Suppliers
Anti-fatigue Mats
Non-Slip Matting
Door Stops
Sound Proofing
Waterproof closed cell foam
Military Packaging Sports & Leisure
Missile Packing
Weapons/Electronic Packaging
Cushion Packaging
Case Inserts
Display Packaging
Protective Wrapping
Buoyancy Aids
Pool Toys
Camping Mats
Wrestling/Judo Mats
Exercise Mats

Specialised Products

Styrene sheets

Non-Slip Matting

Insulation Foil faced foam

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