PJ Bowers - Manufacturing Process

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam:

P.J. Bowers can supply all kinds of solid rod or tubing that you may require. This applies to all types of closed and open cell foams.

We not only produce sheet foam, but also have the machinery available to manufacture rolls. These are available in any width and thickness you may require, with or without marine grade adhesive backing. A tear away strip can also be produced if required.

Our product range in this area is growing every day.

The products include: Pipe lagging, expansion joint filler, sticky back, air conditioning and other foam insulation and all kinds of seals and tapes.

We pride ourselves on the wide range of Open Cell products that we have available. All the same principles apply to Open Cell as they do to Closed Cell foams. As you can see by the photo, there are numerous densities available and the product range is by no means small.

We like the fact that we can provide just about anything that you require to suit any kind of application.

The raw materials of foam (both closed and open cell) are made up of all sorts of chemicals. For this reason we can provide data sheets with all the specifications that you may need for a particular application.

Closed cell foam is available in a wide variety of colours, is non toxic, waterproof and U.V. stable.


P.J. Bowers most popular manufacturing method is using a machine called 'slitting machine'.

This enables us to 'cut' any thickness of foam sheeting into any thickness required.
The use of a band saw is a very effective method of cutting two dimensional shapes and producing angled profiles. We have a variety of these which suits any particular project.

Die Cutting:

The process of clicking (cutting out shapes) is a method which enables complex shapes of all sizes to be cut in one single operation.

Examples of some of these products are shown on the photo below. Tooling cost is relatively low and the design is only as limited as your imagination!

Thermo-forming and Thermo-moulding:

Closed Cell foam is a unique thermo-forming and thermo-moulding material. Both of these processes require heat to convert sheet foam into the desired product. Items like canoe seats, safety head gear, padding and cushions use this method. Some examples are shown on the photo but this is by no means the limit of items that can be manufactured using this process.


In the laminating (gluing) of any pieces of foam, we only use the best marine grade, contact adhesive available. We have even made this product available for purchase in one or 20 litre drums.

Custom Cutting & Fabrication:

Our biggest advantage in the manufacture of our products is the ability to custom produce to any individual requirements. Our manufacturing processes allows us to measure within a tenth of a millimetre of the foam thickness, using the unique, specifically German made Fiecken Kirfel.