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At PJ Bowers we offer a laser engraving service that is fast and professional.
Our metal marking laser system allows us to etch metal with bar codes, logos and text.

We can also print to the laser from a logo, drawing or even a scanned photograph!

Simply provide us with whatever you wish to be engraved and we can make it happen!


There are many advantages of Fiber Laser Etching. The laser uses a beam of light as the engraving tool,
so no part of the machinery actually touches the material being engraved.

We also have the ability to work on curved surfaces, meaning we can engrave a large variety of shapes and sizes.



What Materials Can we engrave?
• Titanium
• Steel
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Carbide
• Anodized Aluminum
• Plastics
• Ceramics
• And many other materials!

Please see some the samples below:


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