NSL Foam - NSL Foil Insulation

The reflective barrier properties and heat reflectivity of aluminium foil are widely used in the construction of modern building and housing, adding to the insulation property's of modern buildings. Aluminium foil is also used as a skin laminated to closed cell foam for heat-insulating and incombustible materials to provide high performance insulation for pipework and ducting. The adhesive peal off backing is used to secure the NSL foil faced closed cell foam material. is also based on aluminium foil for its reflective surface, corrosion-resistance and long life.

Automotive Applications

In fire walls for vehicles and fire-proof doors and building panels, aluminium foil stops access to the oxygen required to support flames.

Aluminium foil is also increasingly important in automotive components such as impact energy absorption structures and in catalytic converters. Favoured over steel because of better corrosion resistance and weight economy, special aluminium alloys provide the physical properties required in these aluminium foil applications.




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