Pilates Foam Rollers

Like stability balls and exercise bands, foam rollers are cross-over equipment from rehab training.
They are inexpensive, lightweight and versatile -- making them ideal for a home workout or studio.

Very simple pieces of equipment (nothing more than a cylinder made of high-density foam) foam rollers are put to all kinds of uses, such as stretching, self-massage, body support, and stability exercises.

Pilates Foam Rollers have become an essential element in the set of equipment required for complete functional training. Their use has been integrated with Swiss Balls, allowing for a wider range of exercises and programmes for building core strength.

When used in conjunction with a ball, the foam roller is an additional platform of instability, which forces the exerciser to draw upon their abdominal and surrounding muscles to remain stable while exercising.

Pilates intsructors have also incorporated the foam roller to fill a range of exercises designed to enhance strength and flexibility. Many of these exercises can be replicated at home. They can used to hep massage deeply into larger muscle groups, and mobilising the back.

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PJ Bowers Pilates foam rollers benefits:

Spinal stabiliser to centre the body in floor routine.
Improves strength, balance and flexibility.
The half size offers even more stability.
The short size improves balance for sports performance , rehab etc.
100cm in Length, available only in the color shown.

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