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Marine D Fender

We supply and manufacture high quality fixed length Foam D Fenders for ultimate marine vessel protection.

Also known as docking bumpers, pontoon fenders and boat fenders, our product is carefully designed to protect your asset from damage. It is mainly used on boats and marine vessels or on docks and pontoons, offering protection from the impact into hard surfaces, such as other boats, jetties, docks or even the marina.

Manufactured from a high-density Polyethylene Foam with a closed-cell structure, our D Fenders have waterproof properties and are known for its impact absorption. Since polyethylene is not UV resistant, we recommend covering the fender with a protective layer, e.g. marine carpet or vinyl.

Due to its lightweight, strong and durable structure, our marine fenders provide high levels of impact absorption and protection, making them ideal for most docks and pontoons.


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If you would like a quote or more information about Marine D Fender – Dock / Pontoon Fender, send us your enquiry through the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Polyethyelene FoamBlue

Custom Made D Fender - Dock / Pontoon Fender

We provide custom-cut D Fender – Dock / Pontoon Fender. Our services are tailored for your exact needs, from single one-off items to large scale manufacturing. Contact us for more information about our capabilities.


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