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Bridgefoam™ Open Cell Joint Filler

Popularly used in bridge construction as expansion joint filler, facilitating the installation of filler joints and reducing labour times.

Bridgefoam™ Open Cell Joint Filler 1
Bridge Foam Open Cell Joint Filler
Bridge Foam Open Cell Joint Filler

Please contact for custom made sizes. Special Pricing for Construction Available on Request*.

PJ Bowers is a leading supplier of Open Cell compressible Filler Strips or Bridge Foam Filler Strips. These Bridge Foam Filler Strips are used anywhere a more compressible foam is required due to irregularities in the gap sizing. Widely used by the biggest Bridge Construction, Concreting and Mining Industries in Australia.

Bridgefoam™ Open Cell Expansion Joint Filler Strips facilitate the installation of bridge expansion joint and reduce labour times. It allows you to stick the expansion joint to the existing formwork, wall or structure, holding in place until the concrete is poured. Also widely used as a compressible gasket joint filler between deck units, for box culverts and concrete gaskets.

It is lightweight, Polyurethane foam, cream in colour. Open Cell BridgeFoam Strips are cut to 2080mm lengths and sold in packs with an adhesive easy peel off Stickyback or Plain Foam without Stickyback. Bridge Expansion Joints should be installed with an approximately 30% compression for secure holding.

Bridgefoam™ Filler strips can be cut to any size requirements into 2080mm lengths, with or without peel-off Stickyback Adhesive. Our on-site cutting facilities include a fully equipped factory with state of the art machinery which enables us to supply your required sizes or out of the ordinary or odd-shaped Filler Strips.

If you would like a quote or more information about Bridgefoam™ Open Cell Joint Filler, send us your enquiry through the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Bridgefoam™ Open Cell Joint Filler

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