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Neolon™ Foil Foam Insulation

Closed Cell Foam coated with Aluminum Foil. Widely used in the construction of modern building and housing, adding to the insulation properties of modern buildings.

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Foil Foam Insulation Rolls
Foil Foam Insulation

Special Pricing for Construction Available on Request*.

Neolon™ Foiled Foam Insulation or NSL Foil Faced Foam is a closed-cell, cross-linked Polyethylene. It is insulated with a Polymer Coated Aluminium Foil for Solar and Elevated Temperatures.

The reflective barrier properties and heat reflectivity of aluminium foil are widely used in the construction of modern building and housing. It adds to the insulation properties of modern buildings, assisting with deflecting radiated heat.

Aluminium foil is also used as a skin laminated to closed cell foam for heat-insulating and incombustible materials. It helps to provide high-performance insulation for pipework and ducting, with features like its reflective surface, corrosion-resistance and long life.

Supplied with or without a builder’s grade Stickyback with easy-peel off to assist with the installation of the foam. The adhesive peal off backing is used to secure the NSL foiled closed-cell foam material.

PJ Bowers supply Neolon™ Foiled Foam Insulation on a Roll. Width is 1200mm and is available in common thicknesses. Length of a roll varies, depending on the foam thickness required.

If you would like a quote or more information about Neolon™ Foil Foam Insulation, send us your enquiry through the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Neolon™ Foil Foam Features

  • Fire Retardent
  • Thermal insulation
  • Waterproof
  • Soundproofing

Neolon™ Foil Foam Insulation

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  1. Deco Australia

    Can you send me quote for roll 25mm one side stick on and foil on the other side

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